Summer Technology Device Update

Northshore students in grades 2-11 will be keeping their assigned computing devices over the summer to provide continuous learning opportunities. All students will be expected to care for their devices over the summer in the same way they did during the school year:

  • Always keep your device in its case when not being used.

  • Always keep liquids, food, and pets away from devices.

  • Always keep the charger and case together with the device.

  • Never leave the device in an unlocked car or unattended in a public place.

  • Never take the device to a retail computer service center for support.

  • Always contact Family Tech Support if you have issues with the device: 425-408-7631 or make a help ticket at

Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 will not take their devices home unless families request to do so by completing this form no later than June 14:

Students who keep their devices over the summer will take those devices to their new school if changing schools or moving from Elementary to Middle School or Middle School to High School.

Families who wish to use a personal device over the summer or do not have need of a district-assigned device will notify the school by completing this opt-out form ( so that we can ensure that the device is collected and returned to inventory. Students who opt out and who are returning to campuses in the Fall of 2023 will be assigned a device for learning.

Students who are not returning to Northshore schools in the Fall will be required to return their assigned devices to their school according to the schools collection schedule. All components will be returned, including the carrying case and charger.

Families who will be traveling out of the country need to notify Technology Services to ensure that the student’s account will function properly. Please complete a ticket at

Students who withdraw from the district over the summer months can return their device and accessories to their school in June or August. If families need to return a device in July due to withdrawal, families need to bring the device and accessories to the Administrative Center at 3330 Monte Villa Parkway, Bothell WA 98021.