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Student Drop-off Location Reminder

Due to safety concerns, we have worked with the City of Kenmore to relocate the student drop-off and pick-up area. Parents are not allowed to drop-off or pick-up their students at the main entrance or near the bus loading zone, before or after the school day.

➢ For student drop-off and pick-up, parents MUST use NE 157th St. to enter school grounds.

➢ Parents will use NE 155th St. to exit ONLY.
➢ NO drop-off or pick-up will be allowed at the NE 155th St. entrance. Only buses and those with assigned parking (as identified by a parking pass) will be allowed to enter campus at NE 155th St.

➢ Download the Drop-Off Relocation Letter to see the driving route and new drop-off area.
Also: White lines marking a “Stay Clear” area have been painted around the intersection leading to the bus loading zone. This intersection must not be blocked at any time. Please remain outside the white lines until traffic in front of you clears the intersection area.
Contact Inglemoor Principal, Vicki Sherwood, at and/or City of Kenmore Traffic Engineer, Brett Schock, at