Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • The Northshore School District believes that the fundamental purpose of the school system is to provide educational opportunities for youth. If this purpose is to be achieved effectively, a satisfactory learning environment must be established and maintained. The district also believes that all students have the right to free inquiry and expression, due process, peaceful assembly, equal educational opportunity and freedom from discrimination. In exercising these and other rights, each must respect the rights, privileges, and welfare of others. The Rights and Responsibilities Handbook presents the statement of rights and responsibilities is intended to help accomplish the educational purposes of the district.

    You can obtain a copy of the 2017-18 Rights & Responsibilities Handbook by:

    Inappropriate Use of Technology

    The Rights & Responsibilities Handbook Concerning Student Conduct prohibits the misuse or inappropriate use of technology (including Web sites and e-mail) that interferes with or disrupts the educational process. The inappropriate use of electronic communication, whether initiated at school or not, that violates district policies against harassment, discrimination, intimidation and bullying is not permitted. It is a violation of student codes of conduct to invade the privacy of or to misrepresent someone through electronic communications. The Northshore School District takes these violations seriously and those who are found to have committed such violations will face harsh disciplinary actions.