Title 1

The federal “Elementary and Secondary Act” (ESEA) – enacted in 1965 – is the nation’s national education law. ESEA authorizes several state-run programs for eligible schools and districts. The “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA) – passed by Congress in 2015 – works to address performance gaps between student groups in schools.

TITLE I, PART A, is a federal program that offers services and interventions to support struggling learners. It is aimed at building equity of opportunity for children whose struggles often keep them on the academic sidelines. Title I programs and services provide supplemental education assistance that helps students meet our state’s challenging academic standards and assessments.

For information specific to Title 1 programs and services in NSD, please read the NSD Title 1 Annual Update Newsletter for 2022-2023 (provided in both English and Spanish).


Parent & Family Engagement

Title I, Part A, has one of the strongest Parent and Family Engagement (PFE) components of all Title federal programs and insists on robust parent and family engagement activities at all schools that receive Title I, Part A, funds.

School sites chosen to receive Title I, Part A, funds conducts an Annual Meeting and shares Title I information with families, including the Parent Engagement Plan and Policy and the School/Parent/Student Compact. Attending a school’s Annual Meeting and/or Title I events is a terrific way to obtain information, get questions answered, and provide input and feedback that increases the success of our programs.




Director of Accelerated Models and Programs
Ebony Harvey