Credit Retrieval Courses: Course Descriptions

Non-Instructor Led Asynchronous 

Credit Retrieval Courses are available for qualifying 9-12 grade students only*

  • Must have previously earned NC or F in the class to qualify for Credit Retrieval – please consult with your school counselor prior to signing up for ONE of these .50 credit classes.
  • You may only sign up for 1 semester of credit retrieval at a time.
  • All classes will require a computer or tablet and internet access. Please keep your assigned district device for summer school. If you need technical assistance please create a tech ticket,
  • Students must have failed the class previously to qualify for credit retrieval. 
  • Credit Retrieval classes are online courses through Edgenuity with teacher support. A student taking an Edgenuity course to retrieve credit must complete half the originally required units and tests, per state regulations. Example: If the full course has 26 units, a CR student will be required to complete 13 units to retrieve the .50 credit and a Pass/Fail grade.
  • Course grade levels refer to the grade student started in Fall 2023-2024
  • Classes begin on July 9th
  • Classes times are Tuesday through Thursday, 9:00 - 11:00 am. For additional information, see the Summer School Calendar.