Northshore Family Partnership

Student using technology in the classroom

Northshore Family Partnership, located at the Bear Creek Campus, is a program where homeschool students attend core and elective courses taught by Northshore teachers to support parents in their homeschooling efforts. The program aims for a collaborative culture where families regularly meet with an onsite teacher who oversees and monitors the Written Student Learning Plans designed to support academic progress of the homeschool student.

The program incorporates a site-based model designed to support and reach the individual needs of students and families where parents/guardians serve as the primary educators for their children. A selection of core and enrichment courses are provided on site for students.

Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, students in grades K-8 will be served.

Northshore certificated teachers teach courses, collaborate with parents/families to establish student learning plans, regularly communicate with parents/families, monitor student progress, and support the efforts of parents/families with their home learning needs. 

The Northshore Family Partnership aims to establish an inclusive, supportive community of families that seek an alternative model for learning for their children where parents serve as the primary educators. We envision a place where parents/families collaborate in a true partnership with teachers as they create a learning environment that nurtures peer interactions while participating in meaningful, real-world learning experiences. 


Open House Tours

Do you want to find out more about what NFP has to offer? 

Because of the pandemic, we are not currently able to conduct in-person tours, but we've recorded a virtual tour of our campus. The recording of an Open Forum Night held principal Gary Keeler on Zoom also contains answers to many of the questions you may have.

YouTube Link to Mr. Keeler's Virtual Tour 

Video Recording of the 9/14/2020 NFP Open Forum Night   
(It should be noted that unfortunately this recording wasn't started at the beginning of the meeting, however the recorded portion contains the answers to many questions. 


For questions about the program contact:

Gary Keeler


Leslie Connor

Lead Teacher


Nicole Brenengen

Office Manager