Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

The State of Washington funds the Learning Assistance Program (LAP). This program offers supplemental services for students scoring below grade-level standard in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics. The services focus on accelerating student growth to make progress toward grade level during the period of time they are provided services. LAP emphasizes research-based best practices designed to increase student achievement.

LAP Readiness to Learn (RTL) programs are designed to provide academic and non-academic supports for students at risk of not being successful in school. The goal of RTL is to reduce barriers to learning, strengthen engagement, and ensure all students are able to attend school ready to learn. Each district determines the eligibility criteria for student participation in RTL programs.


Elementary LAP

Elementary schools receive LAP funds. Allocations are needs based, in part on assessment scores and reduced lunch averages. LAP staff support students who are developing the skills needed to meet standard in reading or math. The principal and school staff make decisions about the most effective approach to use based on students' academic needs. LAP staff work in the classroom with identified students, with small groups of children in another space, or with individuals under the direction of a certificated teacher. Northshore provides training in the use of effective teaching techniques, reading, writing, math content, and assessment for LAP staff.




Director of Accelerated Models and Programs
Ebony Harvey