Middle School In-Class Services

Eighth grade Highly Capable students at Kenmore, Skyview, and Timbercrest are served through the Challenge Cluster model. All other Highly Capable middle school students are served through Advanced Academic Placement.

Challenge Cluster Model

For Highly Capable eighth grade students at Kenmore, Skyview, and Timbercrest, students are clustered (grouped) in Challenge classes.  When the numbers of Highly Capable students in a given subject warrant making an AAP class, the school will do so.  Otherwise, students receive services in groups within Challenge classes.

Services may include:

  • Clustering identified students in a classroom to provide a peer group
  • Adjusting pacing, reducing review and repetition, curriculum compacting
  • Enhanced/enriched content or curriculum
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Extending content to include rigorous problems or projects

Questions about HiCap Math for middle school students? We've added a Middle School Math page here: Math in Middle School.