K-1 Holistic Services

What are Holistic Services?

Highly Capable Services at the kindergarten and first grade level are provided in the regular classroom at the student's neighborhood school. Teachers provide differentiated instruction by modifying the content, depth, or pace of a lesson. 

For Holistic students, differentiated instruction is typically designed to accelerate and enrich academic instruction. The classroom teacher pre-assesses students to determine their skill level and needs before they dive into teaching particular content areas. This model allows the Holistic student to receive Highly Capable services while participating with other students within their neighborhood school community.

Teachers plan and facilitate lessons for Holistic students using grade-level curriculum. Teachers may construct lessons and materials to meet the needs of a diverse learning community, including Holistic students.


How are students identified for Holistic Services?

In the first half of the school year, all enrolled kindergarten students participate in the WaKIDS process and take the Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test (NNAT3). The Highly Capable Department reviews data from both of these tools as part of the annual Highly Capable Eligibility Process. You can learn more about the NNAT3 and WaKIDS on our Instruments page: Instruments.

In order to qualify for Holistic Services, kindergarten students must meet at least one of the following criteria or qualify under the WAC 392-170-055:

  • NNAT3: 95th percentile or higher. (This is equivalent to a Naglieri Ability Index of 126.)
  • WaKIDS: A score of 9 or higher on at least one of the six Highly Capable focus areas. 
    • Persistence
    • Problem Solving
    • Emergent Reading Skills
    • Counting
    • Quantifying
    • Connecting Numerals and Quantities

Do I need to register my Kindergartener for any tests?

All currently-enrolled kindergartners are tested for Highly Capable Services. You do not have to register your student for testing. After testing is complete, our department will contact you with your student's results.


How will I know if my student is qualified for Holistic Services?

When the Highly Capable Department has finished reviewing data for all kindergartners, they will send letters home with students. (This is often referred to as "backpack mail.") To ensure that all letters are received, parents will also receive phone calls reminding them to check their students' backpacks. These letters will include a score report and students' Highly Capable eligibility status. If your student is qualified for Holistic Services, the letter will also include instructions on how to accept services. 


How long do Holistic Services last?

Holistic Highly Capable Services begin during the second half of kindergarten and continue through the end of first grade. Students who receive Holistic Services (as well as all other first graders) will participate in the universal screening and eligibility process again in first grade.