Elementary Holistic Services

What are Holistic Services?

Highly Capable Services at the kindergarten and first grade level are provided in the regular classroom at the student's neighborhood school. Teachers provide differentiated instruction by modifying the content, depth, or pace of a lesson. 

For Holistic students, differentiated instruction is typically designed to accelerate and enrich academic instruction. The classroom teacher pre-assesses students to determine their skill level and needs before they dive into teaching particular content areas. This model allows the Holistic student to receive Highly Capable services while participating with other students within their neighborhood school community.

First grade teachers plan and facilitate lessons using Northshore’s first grade curriculum. Teachers may construct lessons and materials to meet the needs of a diverse learning community, including Holistic students.

Students who receive Holistic Services will participate in the eligibility process again at the end of first grade. Based on the results of that testing process:

  • Students who qualify for services in one content area (either reading or math) receive in-class services at their neighborhood elementary school. 
  • Students who qualify for services in two content areas (reading and math) can choose to receive services at an Elementary Advanced Placement (EAP) site, which may be different from their neighborhood school. If the student elects to stay at their neighborhood school, they can receive services through the In-Class model.
  • Students who do not qualify in either reading or math will receive services in the general education environment.