Elementary Advanced Program

Elementary Advanced Program (EAP) provides our dual-qualified (qualified in both Reading and Math) highly capable students in grades 2-5 the opportunity to engage in rigorous, challenging, and enriched curriculum in a self-contained classroom with a cohort of highly capable peers or in an integrated cluster of highly capable students within a general education classroom. See Service Models for a list of delivery methods at each elementary school. Instruction is designed to meet students’ cognitive and academic needs at the appropriate level by accelerating and enriching the standard curriculum. The learning pace in an EAP classroom is faster than in the general education program, and students engage with standards 1 to 2 grade levels beyond their current grade level.  Highly capable students are identified through cognitive and academic measures, and the level of acceleration for each student is based on assessment data.

EAP follows the four Guiding Principles of HiCap:  

  1. Whole child focus:  Support for academic, creative, and social-emotional development fostering a growth mindset.
  2. Not “one size fits all”:  Highly Capable qualified students have diverse needs and unique challenges, in addition to high cognitive capability and/or academic achievement.  Often this requires the collaboration of teams across programs to meet the needs of individual learners.
  3. Not more work, different work:  Developing innovative, creative, and critical thinkers through access to advanced learning standards with appropriate depth and rigor.
  4. Equity:  Equitable access to HiCap services for all students who qualify.  Ability and talent are equally distributed, opportunity is not.  All students, regardless of race, income, culture, special needs, or support program, have the potential to qualify for advanced learning services when given equitable opportunity with culturally and linguistically accessible instruments and an unbiased qualification system.

Elementary Advanced Program (EAP) Information

Questions about EAP?

If you have questions about transportation, sibling waivers, or other aspects of EAP, visit the EAP section of our Frequently Asked Questions page.