Elementary Advanced Placement

Will your EAP student need transportation to their EAP site? Every year, families of new and continuing EAP students must complete an online form in order to receive district-provided transportation. The Transportation Department requests that you complete this form by 4:00 PM PST on August 1, 2019.

Instructions on accessing the form can be found in our most recent post:
EAP Transportation Request Forms Now Available.

Elementary Advanced Placement (EAP) provides dually-qualified students in grades 2-5 with advanced-level work in a self-contained program. Students engage with standards 1 to 2 grade levels beyond their current grade level.  The acceleration for each student is based on student assessment data.

EAP Locations

If your student is new to EAP, please use the tool below to find their EAP site. This information is only applicable to students who received an EAP qualification as a result of the 2018-2019 Eligibility Process.

To find your student's EAP site, enter the name of their neighborhood school in the box below. 

Neighborhood School EAP Site
Arrowhead Elementary Moorlands Elementary
Bear Creek Elementary Bear Creek Elementary
Canyon Creek Elementary Bear Creek Elementary
Cottage Lake Elementary Bear Creek Elementary
Crystal Springs Elementary Lockwood Elementary
East Ridge Elementary Bear Creek Elementary
Frank Love Elementary Lockwood Elementary
Fernwood Elementary All students will remain at Fernwood Elementary.
Hollywood Hill Elementary Bear Creek Elementary
Kenmore Elementary Shelton View Elementary
Kokanee Elementary Wellington Elementary
Lockwood Elementary Lockwood Elementary
Maywood Hills Elementary Moorlands Elementary
Moorlands Elementary Moorlands Elementary
Sunrise Elementary Fourth grade students will attend Bear Creek Elementary. All other newly-qualified EAP students will remain at Sunrise Elementary.
Shelton View Elementary Shelton View Elementary
Wellington Elementary Wellington Elementary
Westhill Elementary Moorlands Elementary
Woodmoor Elementary Second and third grade students will attend Moorlands Elementary. All other newly-qualified EAP students will remain at Woodmoor Elementary.
Woodin Elementary Moorlands Elementary


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EAP Information Session - May 2019


Questions about EAP?

If you have questions about transportation, sibling waivers, or other aspects of EAP, visit the EAP section of our Frequently Asked Questions page.