Middle School AAP

Advanced Academic Placement (AAP) is offered to Highly Capable students at all middle schools for sixth and seventh grade students. AAP for eighth grade students is offered at Canyon Park, Leota, and Northshore. Eighth grade students at Kenmore, Skyview, and Timbercrest are served through the Challenge Cluster Model.

Advanced Academic Placement (AAP)

The AAP Program provides eligible students an opportunity for advanced-level work with students who share their academic ability and interest. Students take AAP classes in English, social studies and science. Math course enrollment is based on the student's academic and test history. All middle school students will attend their neighborhood school regardless of Highly Capable qualification. 

Advanced Academic Placement provides eligible students an opportunity for advanced-level work with students of similar academic ability. Students qualified for AAP have met rigorous thresholds for qualification through a data portfolio including standardized academic achievement, creativity and cognitive measures of potential. 

Advanced Academic Placement is typically a self-contained classroom for core content areas including English, social studies, science and math. Students qualified for Highly Capable services in reading are enrolled in AAP English and AAP Social Studies. Students qualified for Highly Capable services in math will be enrolled in AAP Science and a math course that best fits their ability level. 

Questions about HiCap Math for middle school students? We've added a Middle School Math page here: Math in Middle School.