New Partnership with President of National Association of Gifted Education

Our recent undertaking of an entirely new highly capable eligibility process has brought forth several state and national partnership opportunities! One such collaboration is our upcoming work with Dr. Jonathan Plucker, professor at Johns Hopkins University, and president of the National Association of Gifted Education.

Dr. Plucker will assist our department’s efforts in deeper analysis of our eligibility process, outcomes as a whole, as well as specific subgroups. Last year’s process was an enormous undertaking, one which no other district nationally has applied a new eligibility system to the number of students who participated here in Northshore School District!

September 30, 2020

In Spring of 2020, the HiCap Department conducted a survey of parent satisfaction regarding the screening and assessment process and the delivery of HiCap services to students. The link below will take you to the results of this survey.

2020 Spring Parent Satisfaction Survey