NNAT3 Overview

Northshore School District uses the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT3) as one of its screening tools. Screeners are used to identify students with the potential for Highly Capable Program eligibility. Screening results will be communicated to schools and families in the late winter or early spring. 

What is the NNAT3? The NNAT3 is a measure of general ability. 

What level of the NNAT3 will be administered to my student? Level administered is determined by the student’s birth date. Therefore, students within any grade level classroom may receive different levels of the NNAT3. The date of birth is entered during a student’s account creation, and the NNAT3 platform generates the level presented to the student. 

My student is color-blind. Can they still take the NNAT3? The design of the NNAT3 items makes its use fair and appropriate with students who have hearing, language, or motor impariments, or who have impaired color vision. 

How is the NNAT3 administered? The NNAT3 is administered on a laptop. Students take the test during the school day. Students are given 30 minutes to complete the test. Extended time is available for students with documented extended time accommodations. Proctors follow directions for administration in order to ensure district-wide consistency of administration.

When is the NNAT3 typically administered? The department typically administers the NNAT3 each winter. 

How is performance on the NNAT3 measured? The score obtained from the NNAT3 is called the Naglieri Ability Index (NAI). A NAI of 100 is considered average, and 95% of students will score between 68 and 132. The Highly Capable Department uses a student’s National Percentile Rank (NPR) to determine eligibility for further testing. The NPR indicates how the student performed relative to other test-takers in their age group. A student with an NPR of 86 performed as well as, or better than, 86% of their same-age peers. An NPR between 25 and 75 is considered to be within the average range. 

What is the connection between my student’s NNAT3 percentile and classroom performance? The NNAT3 is a measure of a student’s cognitive ability. A student need not read, write, or speak English in order to take part in the test. The NNAT3 is not a measure of classroom performance and is not correlated to the standards and content of focus in a student’s current grade level. It is possible that a student will achieve a high NNAT3 percentile score, yet score differently on tools that measure academic achievement. 

How is the NNAT3 used in the HiCap eligibility process? NNAT3 performance is one data point within a larger portfolio of data. The NNAT3 alone will not qualify nor disqualify a student from potential eligibility for Highly Capable services. 

Taking the NNAT3 Remotely

Most students will be taking the NNAT3 screener at school during the school day. If your student is in the Northshore Virtual program or is contacted by their teacher or the HiCap Department telling them they will be taking the NNAT3 at home, please see the instructions below. If you are taking the NNAT3 at home, you will be provided with the username and password you should use. 

We are aware that some district devices have different updates installed and the directions below may not look exactly the same as your device. You may need to call the tech support line (425) 408-7669 to have your device updated remotely. 

Please note: the NNAT3 cannot be taken on a Macbook. If your student has a Macbook as their district-issued device, please contact your school's Technology specialist to borrow one of the supported devices for this test. 

Directions on how to login to the NNAT3 on a Chromebook are in PDF here.

Instrucciones de NNAT3 para estudiantes y familias

We have created a quick NNAT3 tutorial video explaining how to log in. You can find that video at the bottom of this page. 

Step 1: Please complete the Academic Honesty Pledge attestation form found below.

Step 2: Read the directions and watch the video instruction on how to login to the test then choose a time where you can take the 30 minute test uninterrupted.   

A few reminders before you test:

  • Please remember to complete your attestation form found below or at  https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/8a4a67d39f65473aafee1417146e7a87 
  • The NNAT3 takes 30 minutes to complete and is internally timed. 
  • The test does not allow you to stop and come back to the test. Please find a time when you can dedicate 30 uninterrupted minutes to the test. 
  • During business hours our technology department will be able to assist you with device issues (425) 408-7669. If you have a testing issue, please contact the highly capable department at hicap@nsd.org . However, we may not be immediately available. We will work to reconcile all reasonable requests as soon as we can get to the email.
  • If you have a 504 or IEP with testing accommodations allowing for more time, your accommodations have been built into the test for you. 
  • Please remember that your username is your unique student ID number and your password will be provided to you. 

NNAT3 Instruction Video