Permission to Participate

Per WAC 392-170-047, Northshore School District is required to obtain parent/guardian permission prior to conducting assessments for Highly Capable program eligibility. 

In order to streamline our process, we have decided to open the parent permission process during the Summer before testing in the Fall/Winter. This allows families ample time to review our website and decide if they are interested in participating in the Highly Capable Eligibility Process. Furthermore, it allows our department to begin administering the Iowa Assessments immediately after screening has concluded. 

Completing the permission form does not guarantee that your student will be tested. Our department will first screen your student and look at other testing data points. This means that we will review your student's data to determine if further testing is needed. 

If your student is currently receiving Highly Capable services in math or reading, and you would like them to be considered for a dual qualification, you should complete the Referral and Permission Form. 

If your student has achieved a sufficiently high score on at least one of the screening measures, there are two possible outcomes: 

  1. Our department needs additional information to determine eligibility for Highly Capable Services. We will schedule your student to take the Iowa Assessments in Math and/or reading at their school. 
  2. Your student has demonstrated exemplary performance on their most recent Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA). Our department will be able to offer Highly Capable Services in one or more content areas. 

If your student has not met the thresholds on any of the measures used for screening, they will not participate in Highly Capable testing this year. As a reminder, there is no appeal process for screening. 

Before providing permission, we encourage you to review these pages: