Accept Services

If you have received a letter offering Highly Capable services to your student, please fill out the Acceptance Form below to accept placement in an EAP setting, or let us know you would like your student to stay in the general education classroom to receive their services.

Please visit the EAP Service Model page to see into which EAP school your neighborhood school feeds. 

If you wish to waiver into a different EAP site, see the Waiver section on the EAP page

If your student is in EAP and wishes to change to in-school services in the general education classroom in their home school, or if your dual-qualified student is receiving services in the general education classroom and wishes to switch to EAP, please fill out the acceptance form indicating your preference for next year. 

January 2023 EAP Info Night 1/31/2023


January 2023 First Grade EAP Info Night 1/24/2023


Deciding whether to accept Highly Capable Services for your student? Please visit the Service model page particular to your student's situation to learn more about what Highly Capable Services might look like for your student. 

Looking for the FAQ? If you have questions about services, please visit this page.