Eligibility Process

What is the Highly Capable Eligibility Process?

Every year, Northshore School District evaluates all students for Highly Capable Program eligibility. Students who participate in this process may receive a Highly Capable qualification. For students in grades K-8, a Highly Capable qualification enables them to engage in advanced-level work in their area(s) of strength. 

For more information on how services are provided at different grade levels, visit the pages below: 

How do I prepare my student for Highly Capable testing?

Your student does not need to study for any tests administered as part of the Highly Capable Eligibility Process. Generally speaking, students will perform their best if they are relaxed and well-rested on the day of the exam. (A healthy breakfast on the day of the test also helps!) Our department does not endorse or recommend the use of any test preparation guides. 

As part of our testing procedure for all Highly Capable testing, proctors will explain the structure of the tests to your student. If your student asks, you can say that the tests will be multiple-choice and administered on a computer. Telling your student specific details about the test, such as the number of items or the number of options per question, is unlikely to be helpful. 

When talking about testing with your student, keep your tone calm and positive. Encourage your student to listen closely to the proctor's directions. Remind them that your only expectation is that they do their best. After your student finishes a test, remind them that you're proud of them for challenging themselves: praise the effort, not the percentile score.