WIDA Access/Alternate Access

Students who have qualified for English Language Development (ELD) services take an annual language proficiency assessment called the WIDA Access. The WIDA Alternate Access is administered to students who qualify based on their IEP. This test measures students’ continuing progress in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English.

The State of Washington requires that students who are eligible for English Language Development services take the WIDA yearly. This includes students who are eligible but whose parents have refused services. Parents may still opt out of services for the next school year if they wish.

After the test you will receive your student’s score report by the next fall. Results will show individual growth based on reading, writing, speaking, and listening and on measuring the language skills your child needs to fully access the general education curriculum.

Please contact the ELD staff at your child’s school for more information or the ELD services office at 425-408-7684.