2023-24 Family Notification of Continuing Student Placement in English Language Development Services Based on ALT ACCESS

2023-24 Family Notification of Continuing Student Placement in English Language Development Services Based on ALT ACCESS

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Your multilingual student continues to be eligible for English Language Development (ELD) services for the 2023-2024 school year.  Your student will receive services until they reach proficiency on the state-approved English language proficiency assessment. Your student’s English proficiency was measured on the WIDA Alternate ACCESS Assessment, and your student scored at this level on their most recent Assessment:


A1, Initiating


P1, Entering


Scores Incomplete


A2, Exploring


P2, Emerging




A3, Engaging


P3, Developing




The purpose of ELD services is to provide language instruction for students in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English. These services also help your student meet academic standards and requirements for promotion and graduation. Staff providing ELD services will coordinate with appropriate building staff to meet the objectives of your student’s Individualized Education or 504 Plan.

While annual assessment of English language proficiency is required, students who took the Alternate ACCESS in one school year are not required to continue taking the same test in subsequent years. If an IEP team determines that the Alternate ACCESS is not the best tool to measure language proficiency for a student with significant cognitive disabilities, the student will instead take the WIDA ACCESS with accommodations in the future.

Students remain eligible for ELD services until they reach proficiency on the WIDA ACCESS or WIDA Alternate ACCESS. Most students successfully exit the program within 4 years. After exiting services, your student’s performance will continue to be monitored to provide additional academic support if needed.  For students who participate in these services in our district, the expected 4-year graduation rate is 87.2% and the extended graduation rate is 90%.

We encourage you to be an active participant in your student’s education. You have the right to:

·     request regular meetings to discuss your student’s language development and academic progress.

·     request a different program, if available.

·     waive ELD services. (Your student will still be required to take the annual WIDA assessment. Please contact your school for additional information.)

Your student is enrolled in the following ELD service:

            Supportive Mainstream:  Students in the Supportive Mainstream model access grade-level academic content and English Language Development through participation in their mainstream classrooms with support provided either individually or in small groups by specially trained educators.



Megan Bernicchi

Assistant Director of Accelerated Models and Programs