Dual Language Program

Dual Language Students Reading

The Dual Language Program is a bilingual educational program integrating English Language Learners and English-speaking students for instruction in and through two languages (English & Spanish). Dual Language Programs are also known as "two-way immersion", "two-way bilingual", "bilingual immersion" and" dual-language immersion".

Classes are composed of:

  • English and Spanish speakers
  • Balanced Instruction - language, literacy, and content area instruction are provided in both languages to all students.

The Dual Language program is located at Woodin Elementary.


Educational. Students are capable of achieving high levels of proficiency in a second language without detrimental effects to their primary language development.

Cognitive. Bilingual students perform better on tasks that call for divergent thinking, pattern recognition and problem solving. Bilingual students also have advanced levels of linguistic awareness. They use strategies to figure out the relationships between what is happening and what is being said. Since most social interactions are by choice, the motivation to understand is so strong it encourages student learning.

Socio-Cultural. By interacting with peers who are fluent in the target language, students are exposed to appropriate social conventions of language. Proficiency in two languages also permits individuals to expand their world.

Economic.  Bilingual students have enhanced employment opportunities.


  • Attainment of challenging, age-appropriate academic skills and knowledge.
  • Advanced levels of functional proficiency in English and Spanish.
  • Understanding and appreciation of cross-cultural differences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why start with such young students?

We start with Kindergarten and first grade because it has been shown that it takes five to seven years to become fully proficient in two languages.

How are students chosen?

Woodin service area families and siblings of current students are given priority. Remaining available spaces are filled by district area students.  Contact the Woodin school office to enroll, 425.408.5400. Students residing outside the Woodin service area will be responsible for transportation.

Will English-speaking students be behind their peers in monolingual classrooms?

Research shows that over time, students in dual language classrooms typically out perform their peers in monolingual classrooms.

Is the dual language curriculum the same as that taught in monlingual kindergarten, first and second grade?

The curriculum is the same as that taught in all classrooms at all grade levels.

Will students have the second language skills they need to learn new academic material?

Yes! Teachers use specific strategies to ensure student understanding.

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