Our Purpose

The Pathways program centers around each student's future. We look to create a plan that will benefit the student’s path within the program. Everyday, students come to a consistent environment. The environment is able to stay consistent through clearly established expectations and routines. Students are encouraged to have age appropriate interactions with peers, staff members, and community members across different settings in which students may be exposed to. We strive to emphasize independence for each student to the ability at which they can be independent.

Core Values
The Pathways program has six core values that we believe in to help your student achieve their goal of the program.

  • Independence: The most important part of our program is establishing independence for each student.
  • Empowerment: Students are given the opportunity to independently make choices throughout the day.
  • Age-Appropriateness: Students are encouraged to engage in age appropriate activities. The goal is to have our students stand out in society not stick out.
  • Communication: Every student is given the chance daily to communicate. We recognized that our students will have many different modes of communication and we welcome them all.
  • Behavior is Communication: Many times when students engage in behaviors, they are trying to tell us something. We do our best to establish what they are trying to communicate so that we are better equipped to help them.
  • Community Inclusiveness: Our students are given ample opportunities to be in the community. They are exposed to many different situations where they can apply different skills.