Provail Night

TBD - May - This will be on Zoom

PROVAIL staff goes over the basics of the STW year and what it looks like.  We share about the collaboration team and how we all work together (PROVAIL, Northshore, DVR & King County)
We discuss the meetings along the way and what to expect.  Meetings with PROVAIL as well as DVR (2 meetings with each, Career Path Service Plans and Service Delivery Outcome Plans).
The role of PROVAIL is to find paid employment for the student once a job goal has been determined after the discovery phase.  PROVAIL provides direct job support to the student when paid employment has been found.
Essential Requirements for families to be aware of:
  • Student being on Social Security, if you haven't applied, do this asap
  • Meet with DVR
  • Student DDA Eligible
  • Transportation/Apply for ACCESS or DART  **This is not required but highly recommended

This event is at the Administration Building (3330 Monte Villa Parkway, Bothell).

Pathways Graduation 2022

June 6th, 2022 

Details and time to be announced.