Adult Transition Program

Transition graduate proudly holding his diploma

Adults Transitioning to Independence

Adults Transitioning to Independence, formerly known as Adult Transition Program - Networks, is primarily a community based, vocational training program. Students are placed in unpaid internships with local businesses based on each student’s strengths, interests and independent skill level. This series of internships gives these young adults a better understanding of their preference and potential for employment. School staff serve as job coaches. IEP goals are centered on Work Readiness, Self Advocacy, and the Essential Functions of several job types.

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Adult Transition Pathways

Adult Transition Pathways is designed for students who have completed their high school Functional Skills and Academics program. Our students receive instruction in life skills, community access, and pre-vocational activities. Pathways students also will participate in vocational internships with adult support to simulate potential supportive employment opportunities once they complete their educational program.

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