Home School & Part Time Attendance

Home-Based Instruction

Each parent whose child is receiving home-based instruction must file a Declarations of Intent to Home School by September 15 of the school year.

Request for Part-Time Attendance or Ancillary Services

Students receiving home-based instruction or enrolled in private school are permitted to enroll and receive ancillary services, provided that such students are otherwise eligible for full-time enrollment in the school district and such courses or services are not available in the student’s private school or an approved extension. Students who are receiving home-based instruction and taking courses at or receiving ancillary services from the district or both, or involved in an approved work training program, will need to submit a  Request for Part-time Attendance or Ancillary Services form each school year. Participation is allowed only at the school that is within the boundary of the home address.

Ancillary service is defined to include counseling, testing, remedial instruction, communication disorders services, physical and occupational therapy, health services, psychological services, tutorial services such as home instruction for the physically disabled and sports activities.