In-District Waivers:

  • Kindergarten students need to enroll at their home school prior to submitting a waiver.
  • Middle school and high school students need to enroll/register at their home school - unless they have an approved waiver. If your the waiver is approved, your enrollment will be moved to the requested school.

Out-of-District Waivers:

Current out-of-district students attending the Northshore School District must submit a new choice transfer request every year. The approval of the request is not guaranteed. Waivers may be approved at their current school, as long as:

  • there is no academic, attendance or discipline issues;
  • their choice transfer has been submitted prior to the start of the school year.

Students transitioning from elementary school to middle school (5th to 6th) and middle school to high school (8th to 9th) are processed as new waiver requests.

ALL WAIVERS (in-district and out-of-district) will be considered based on:

  • space availability (except for employee waivers)
  • attendance records
  • discipline records
  • academic records

Schools that are closed to new waivers are not able to accept any waivers except for children of district employees. Parents may request to add the student to the waitlist. Click below to view schools closed to new waivers.

School Closed to New Waivers
In-district waivers waitlist will open on January 8, 2024 at 10am.
Out-of-district waivers waitlist will open on January 16, 2024 at 10am.

General Information and Application Process

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In-District Waivers


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Out of District Waivers (Choice Transfer)

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Waiver Forms.

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Home School & Part Time Attendance

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Waiver Acceptance Dates & Schools Open/Closed to Waivers

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Contact Us

Director of Student Services

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Return signed and completed waiver:

Electronically using this link: https://mailfile.nsd.org/filedrop/waivers


Mail/In Person:

Northshore School District
Attn: Student Services
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