Students with Life Threatening Conditions

In order to provide a safe learning environment, the legislature of the State of Washington has passed a new requirement for children with life-threatening conditions. (Chapter 101, Laws of 2002, amending Chapter 28A.210 RCW)

Effective June 13, 2002, the attendance of a child with a life threatening condition at a Washington public school shall be dependent upon receiving medication or treatment orders before or on the child’s first day of attendance at school.

The law defines life-threatening condition as “a health condition that will put the child in danger of death during the school day if a medication or treatment order and a nursing plan are not in place.” Children with life-threatening conditions such as severe bee sting or food allergies, severe asthma, unstable diabetes, severe seizures, etc., are now required to have a medication or treatment order in place before they start school. Students with a life-threatening condition qualify for a 504 Accommodation/Emergency Care Plan.

Medication or Treatment Orders

“Medication or treatment order” means the authority a registered nurse obtains under RCW 18.79.260(2). This is covered when the child’s licensed health care provider completes the Authorization for Medication form or Health Procedure and Nursing Care Authorization form for medical services to be performed at the school.

A completed Authorization for Medication form is valid for the current school year only.  For the school year beginning in September 2024, the Authorization for Medication needs to be signed and dated by the parent and Health Care Provider on July 1, 2024 or later.

If a medication or treatment order is not provided, the principal of the school is required to exclude the child until such an order is provided. This requirement applies to students with life-threatening conditions who are new to the district, and students who are already attending the school. Our exclusion procedures are in accordance with the rules (WACs) of the State Board of Education.

It is vital to your child’s safety during the school day that if your child has a life-threatening health condition requiring medical services at school, you immediately notify your school nurse. The necessary forms for students with life threatening allergies, seizure disorders, asthma, and diabetes can be found below.

Please contact the school nurse if you have any questions or would like further clarification.

Forms for Life Threatening Conditions

Forms for Life Threatening Allergy (required for any student with an epinephrine prescription):

Forms for students with a Seizure Disorder or any medications for seizures:

Forms for students with Type 1 Diabetes:

Forms for students with Asthma: