HIV/AIDS Prevention Curriculum

Northshore School District students receive HIV/AIDS prevention education beginning in the fifth grade, and in every consecutive year through grade twelve. Instruction in HIV/AIDS prevention is required by state law and district policy.

The following chart outlines the grade, class or course, and curriculum resource used in teaching HIV/AIDS prevention.

Grade  Course  Curriculum Resource
 5 & 6 Classroom Teacher The Great Body Shop, FLASH
 7 7th Grade Science Growth/Development and Reproductive Health (district developed curriculum)
 8 Health/Fitness Growth/Development and Reproductive Health (district developed curriculum)
 9 Science KNOW for High School (OSPI)
 10 Science or Health/Fitness KNOW for High School (OSPI)
 11 Social Studies or English KNOW for High School (OSPI)
 12 Social Studies or Health KNOW for High School (OSPI)

 Schools will:

  1. Notify the parents and/or guardians of the students who will participate, including information regarding the curriculum, the presentation date, and the time of the presentation.
  2. Conduct at least one parent presentation of the curricula and materials that will be used in the HIV/AIDS prevention education.

No student will be required to participate in HIV/AIDS prevention education if the student's parent or guardian, having attended the school presentation, objects in writing to participation.

Schools will provide such parents or guardians with a written form that they can sign and date signifying their objection.

Such students will be given an alternative lesson or assignment that is not related to the HIV/AIDS prevention curriculum.