Special Diet Accommodations

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Nut Allergies
Currently, breakfast and lunch choices do not contain peanut/tree nut ingredients.  They may, however, be processed in a facility that also produces/packages products that do contain peanuts/tree nuts.  Current industry standards do not require companies to disclose this information.

At the elementary level, we offer a "nut-free" lunch option that is our most controlled, with fewer food choices.  "Nut-free" lunch items are produced by companies that have voluntarily labeled their products or provided information confirming they are peanut/tree nut free or cross-contamination free.

If you need to update the type of lunch your student with nut allergies will be purchasing, please fill out the Nut Allergy Lunch Form and return it to your school nurse as soon as possible.

nut allergy lunch form - english

nut allergy lunch form - spanish

Milk Substitution Request
Food & Nutrition Services has chosen to offer soy milk and lactose-free milk as an alternative milk option.  If your child will be participating in the breakfast or lunch program and would like a milk substitution, please complete the Milk Substitution Request Form and return to the school nurse. 

Milk Substitution request form - english
milk substitution request form - spanish

Other Food Allergies
Food & Nutrition Services does not automatically accommodate individual student allergies in the school meal programs.  The district's interactive menu is up-to-date and allows parents to filter by allergen and review ingredient and nutrition fact labels for all foods used in the menu. 

If your student has severe or numerous food allergies that significantly hinder their ability to participate in school meal programs, you have the option to request special dietary accommodations.

Qualifying for Accommodations

USDA Child Nutrition Programs support access to healthy meals for all children, including children with disabilities who have special dietary needs.  Disability is defined as an impairment that substantially limits a major life activity.  This can include allergies and digestive conditions resulting in severe or life-threatening anaphylactic reactions.

In some cases, a student with special dietary needs may need a Section 504 plan.  Contact your school's Section 504 Coordinator for more information.

Dietary accommodation requests for non-disability medical conditions or allergies are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Special diet accommodations cannot be made for personal diet preference.

How do I request a special dietary accommodation for my child?

  • All special diet requests must be processed and approved by the Food & Nutrition Services Supervisor.  Requests directed to the kitchen staff will not be accommodated beyond what is available on the daily menu.
  • The Request for Special Dietary Accommodations Form should be completed and signed by a state-recognized medical authority with medical prescription authority.  Request forms must be filled out entirely.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted. 
    • Federal regulation requires that requests include:
      • Food(s) to be omitted/avoided from the child's diet.
      • How the ingestion of the food impacts the child.
      • Food(s) to be substituted.
      • A signature of a State-recognized medical authority (a licensed health care professional authorized to write medical prescriptions in Washington), for example:
        • Medical Doctor (MD)
        • Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)
        • Physician's Assistant (PA) with prescriptive authority
        • Naturopathic Physician
        • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARMP)
  • Submit completed Special Dietary Accommodation Request Form to the NSD Food & Nutrition Services Supervisor, Hannah Phillips, at hphillips@nsd.org or mail to the address below.   
  • A phone conversation will be scheduled after forms have been submitted to finalize individual diet plans. 

special dietary accommodation request form - englishsPECIAL DIETARY ACCOMMODATION REQUEST FORM - SPANISH


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