Update on Viewing Lunch Account Balances

Update on Viewing Lunch Account Balances

We want to provide an update on what to expect as you check your student’s lunch balance. Our Food Services Department has been busy inputting data from breakfasts and lunches that were consumed during the 15 days that the system was down due to the cyber attack. This work of inputting the data is still in process, therefore accounts may not reflect the current value of a student’s balance.

As a result, some families may see a large drop in their student’s account balance. This could amount to up to 30 meals per student if they purchased school breakfast and lunch each day during this time. If a student purchased additional entrees or milk, there will be additional charges to the account.

If families have a PayPams account, they will be able to see when a meal was purchased once the data is fully entered. If a student purchased milk, juice or an extra entree during the 15 day period, a note stating a la carte adjustment will be included in the charges.

We appreciate your patience as we work to input all of the data. If you have any questions, please contact us at (425) 408-7654. Please know that we may take 1-2 days to follow up with you, as we are receiving a large number of calls, while also working to input the data into the system as quickly as possible.


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