To Our Hard Working Kitchen Crews, Thank You!

To Our Hard Working Kitchen Crews, Thank You!
Kitchen crew smiling together in a photo booth

For the final day of National School Lunch Week, we’d like to highlight the outstanding staff who are at the heart of the Northshore School District lunch program! Our dedicated crews work together each day to prepare, cook, and serve meals to Northshore students.

  • 115 Food & Nutrition Service staff
  • 25 different languages spoken, including Spanish, Vietnamese and Romanian
  • 42,500 meals prepared each week to keep our students nourished
  • 3,000 collective hours worked each week to keep our kitchens operating smoothly

Join our crew!

Food & Nutrition Services staff come from all backgrounds and previous careers, including: Boeing designers, travel agents, mechanical heart valve technicians and quality control for the Department of Defense!

Moorlands kitchen staff smiling together in a photobooth


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