District spotlight: Bothell's kitchen manager long career with Northshore

Beverly Huizenga smiles as she works the cashier at the Bothell High School cafeteria

Beverly Huizenga is the longest-serving kitchen manager in the District.

As we celebrate National School Lunch Week, we give special thanks to Bothell High School’s Beverly Huizenga, who has been with the District for more than 25 years—just about her entire adult life! She worked at several District elementary schools, then moved on to middle schools--she was there when Timbercrest opened-- and now serves as the kitchen manager at Bothell. Bev, as her friends and colleagues know her, is the longest-serving kitchen manager in the District. She said she loves being out in public and having the kids recognize her. She said it has been a privilege to watch the kids grow.

“We are blessed because we get to serve wonderful food,” she said. “The food is so good that I’m always proud to serve it. And I continually say to the kids, ‘Did you get your fresh fruit and vegetables? I’m somebody’s mother, and I’m yours today.’ it’s been fun for me!”

Bev said all five of her kids went to Northshore schools and graduated from Bothell.

Huizenga said it has been an absolute “pleasure” to work in the schools’ kitchens.

“It’s been the highlight of my life! I’m honored to have served in this position.”

She is energetic, loves to serve the students and has no plans to retire! Thank you, Beverly and all kitchen staff at Northshore schools!



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