Meals In Secondary

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As students navigate the change from single classroom elementary settings to the multi-class, block schedules of secondary, they will also notice differences in the lunchroom.

Secondary students have between 8-12 daily entree choices in addition to a variety of fruits, vegetables and milk. 

Middle and high school students can also purchase a la carte food and beverage items.  A la carte is defined as any purchase outside of a reimbursable meal.  Entree-only, extra entree or milk-only purchases are considered a la carte, and are not included in the price of a reimbursable meal.  All other snack and beverage options available meet the USDA guidelines for Smart Snacks.  This includes limiting beverage choices at the middle school to milk, water or 100% juice.  Additional low or no calorie beverages can be offered at the high school level. 

Smart Snacks guidelines for food items include limits to calories, sugar and fat as well as requiring grain products to be whole grain rich.  Snack options in secondary schools may be items such as whole grain cookies, crackers or chips, fruit snacks, beef jerky, yogurt, string cheese and low-fat ice cream novelties.

More information on the USDA Smart Snacks guidelines are available on the USDA Food & Nutrition Service website. 

Students who have a positive meal account balance may purchase a la carte items and will not be limited by the kitchen staff unless otherwise directed by a parent or guardian.