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Visual Arts

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Northshore's visual arts educators guide 6-12th grade students as they experience the creative process and explore themes of identity, passion, cultural connection, media literacy and diversity of thought. Students engage in a relevant and progressive curriculum, designed to nurture individual creative expression and prepare students for pursuing careers that align with industry standards and practices. Through visual art classes, students gain the confidence and competence to address personal, community, and global issues in collaborative and resourceful ways.

Northshore's Visual Arts programs provide creative experiences for all 6-12th grade students, while emphasizing the power of the arts as a unifying and enriching force in our lives and communities. Students are supported as they take risks, find their unique voice, and exercise critical thinking – all important steps towards becoming future innovators and community leaders equipped to shape the 21st century and lead in the creative economy 

Core Instructional Materials

Adopted Curriculum

Northshore Visual Arts curriculum centers on:

  • Engaging students in experimentation, risk taking and discovery, allowing students to discover their own unique insights and outcomes.

  • Encouraging students to voice their reaction to the world around them through creative expression.

  • Fostering the process of creation over the presumed or expected result.

  • Supporting and challenging students to push beyond their perceived expectations of themselves.

  • Encouraging and supporting students to consider different perspectives.

  • Ensuring that arts courses are taught by highly qualified arts educators.

  • Consistently supporting all arts programming with art-specific professional development, funding, equipment, technology, safety and curriculum across Northshore School District. 

  • Exploring interdisciplinary opportunities to maximize impact.




Grades 6-8:

  • Sixth graders are exposed to visual art through a quarter long exploration.
  • Seventh and eighth graders have the opportunity to further explore the arts through semester courses in drawing, painting and ceramics.

Grades 9-12:

  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced coursework is available in drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, graphic design, cartooning, stained glass, jewelry making, architecture, and digital formats. Additional details on arts pathways can be found in each high schools’ course catalog:
  • BHS
  • IHS
  • NCHS
  • WHS


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