Second Grade Outcomes

Northshore School District Outcomes and Standards for Health and PE

PE Outcomes-Second Grade

NSD PE Outcomes – Second Grade

Students will demonstrate competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

PE Power Standards - Standard 1

Motor Skills


Demonstrate mature pattern in locomotor skills in isolation (skip).

Balance, Weight Transfer and Rhythmic Skills


Demonstrate rhythmic skills combining locomotor, nonlocomotor, and manipulative skills.

Manipulative Skills

Hand Dribble

Demonstrate mature pattern while hand-dribbling continuously in self-space with preferred hand.

Lifetime Activities

Strike, Short Implement

Demonstrate mature pattern while striking an object upward continuously with a short-handled implement.


Strike, Long Implement

Demonstrate emerging pattern while striking a ball off of a tee with a lightweight bat.


PE - Standard 2

Movement Concepts and Strategies

Pathways, Levels and Relationships

Demonstrate combinations of pathways, levels, and relationships in simple travel sequences.



Understand strategies in chasing and fleeing activities.


PE Power Standards - Standard 3

Physical Activity

Benefit of Physical Activity

Identify benefits of being physically active.


Health Related Fitness

Recognize components of health related fitness (cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, body composition).


PE Power Standards - Standard 4



Apply safety principles in physical activities (with self, with peers, with equipment).


Health Outcomes-Second Grade

NSD Health Outcomes – Second Grade

Topic: Wellness

Dimensions of Health

Describe what it means to be healthy.


Identify skills for assertive communication.

Decision Making

Identify healthy options for making a health-related decision.


Topic: Safety

Injury Prevention

Describe bicycle, pedestrian, and transportation safety rules.

Describe emergency, fire, and safety plans at home and at school.

Understand importance of avoiding weapons when unsupervised.


Topic: Nutrition

Food Groups and Nutrients

Describe how each food group contributes to a healthy body


Identify benefits of drinking recommended intake of water.


Topic: Sexual Health

Healthy Relationship

Explain why unwanted touches should be reported to a trusted adult. Demonstrate how to tell trusted adults about unwanted touch until action is taken.


Topic: Social Emotional Health

Stress Management

Describe stress management techniques.

Expressing Emotions

Demonstrate appropriate ways to express emotions.


Topic: Substance Use and Abuse


Demonstrate refusal skills in different situations.