Kindergarten Outcomes

Northshore School District Outcomes and Standards for Health and PE

Health Outcomes-Kindergarten

NSD Health Outcomes - Kindergarten

Topic: Wellness


Demonstrate healthy ways to express needs, wants, and feelings.


Topic: Safety

First Aid

Understand differences between emergency and nonemergency situations.


Topic: Nutrition


Identify daily recommended water intake.


Topic: Sexual Health

Healthy Relationship

Recognize people have the right to refuse giving or receiving unwanted touch.


Topic: Social Emotional Health

Expressing Emotions

Identify different kinds of emotions.

PE Outcomes and Standards - Kindergarten

NSD PE Outcomes – Kindergarten

Students will demonstrate competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

PE Power Standards - Standard 1

Motor Skills


Demonstrate mature pattern in locomotor skills in isolation (walk).


PE Power Standards - Standard 3


Health-related Fitness

Recognize moving fast causes faster heartbeat and faster breathing.


PE Power Standards - Standard 4


Rules and Etiquette

Demonstrate how to follow directions.


Working with Others

Demonstrate how to share equipment and space with others.


PE Power Standards - Standard 5


Self-Expression and Enjoyment

Identify positive feelings that result from participating in physical activity.