Fourth Grade Outcomes

Northshore School District Outcomes and Standards for Health and PE

Health Outcomes-Fourth Grade

NSD Health Outcomes – Fourth Grade

Topic: Wellness

Disease Prevention

Identify ways to keep the immune system strong.


Topic: Safety

Injury Prevention

Describe practices and behaviors that promote safety and reduce or prevent injuries.

First Aid

Understand basic first aide for minor injuries.

Violence Prevention

Explain how potentially violent situations can be avoided.


Topic: Nutrition

Food Groups and Nutrients

Classify nutrients found in foods.

Label Literacy

Explain how to use information found on a Nutrition Facts label.


Topic: Sexual Health


Demonstrate ways to show respect for all people.

Healthy Relationship

Demonstrate positive ways to communicate differences of opinion and feelings while maintaining relationships.


Topic: Social Emotional Health


Understand the connection between self-esteem and healthy decision-making.

Expressing Emotions

Understand how to express empathy.

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

Demonstrate how to respond appropriately to bullying, harassment, and intimidation.


Topic: Substance Use and Abuse

Use and Abuse

Understand tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana are illegal for minors.


Describe harmful effects of medicines, tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana.


PE Outcomes-Fourth Grade

NSD PE Outcomes – Fourth Grade

Students will demonstrate competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

PE Power Standards - Standard 1

Manipulative Skills


Apply mature pattern in catching in a variety of lead-up activities and small-sided game play.


Strike/Volley, Hands and Arms

Demonstrate mature pattern while striking an object underhand in a variety of lead-up activities and small-sided game play.


PE - Standard 2

Movement Concepts and Strategies


Apply the concept of moving to open space and reducing open space in a variety of lead-up activities and small-sided game play.


Pathways, Levels, and Relationships

Apply concepts of space, pathways, levels, and relationships in a variety of lead-up activities and small-sided game play.


PE Power Standards - Standard 3

Physical Activity

Engagement in Physical Activity

Actively engage in physical education class.


PE Power Standards - Standard 4


Rules and Etiquette

Apply etiquette in physical activities


Receiving and Providing Feedback

Demonstrate accepting and implementing feedback from peers.


Working with Others

Demonstrate conflict resolution using a variety of strategies.


PE Power Standards - Standard 5



Understand that improving performance in challenging physical activities requires consistent practice.


Self-Expression and Enjoyment

Identify physical activities for the purpose of self-expression and enjoyment.