First Grade Outcomes

Northshore School District Outcomes and Standards for Health and PE

Health Outcomes-First Grade

NSD Health Outcomes – First Grade

Topic: Wellness


Understand which elements of hygiene are essential to good health.

Disease Prevention

Describe ways to prevent the spread of germs.


Demonstrate ways to respond to an unwanted threatening, or dangerous situation.


Topic: Safety

First Aid

Explain and demonstrate how to call 911.


Topic: Nutrition


Recognize importance of drinking water.

Caloric Intake and Expenditure

Understand food provides energy for the body.


Topic: Social Emotional Health

Expressing Emotions

Recognize importance of being sensitive to others' feelings.


PE Outcomes-First Grade

NSD PE Outcomes – First Grade

 Students will demonstrate competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

PE -  Power Standard 1

Motor Skills


Demonstrate mature pattern in locomotor skills in isolation (jog, run, gallop, slide, jump, and hop).



Demonstrate mature pattern in nonlocomotor skills in isolation (rock, sway, push, pull, bend, stretch, twist, turn, and swing).

Balance, Weight Transfer, and Rhythmic Skills

Weight Transfer

Demonstrate weight transfer from one body part to another in self-space.


PE –Standard 2

Movement Concepts and Strategies


Demonstrate safe movement in personal and general space at a moderate to fast speed.


PE Power Standards - Standard 3



Describe effects on body of eating healthy and unhealthy foods.


PE Power Standards - Standard 4


Personal Responsibility

Demonstrate responsible use of equipment and space.


Rules and Etiquette

Demonstrate following rules and protocols.


Receiving and Providing Feedback

Respond appropriately to feedback from teacher.


Working with Others

Demonstrate working independently with others in a variety of environments.