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Application Process/Instructions

Sponsor/Reviewer Forms:

NOTE REGARDING FORMS: CMAC forms are all in fillable PDF format, meaning they can be completed electronically and saved. However, many browsers now open these forms in a browser window by default instead of Adobe Reader. In order to complete and save these forms electronically, download them to a location on your computer (such as your desktop or documents folder), then open the form from that location, complete and save. Do not complete the form while open in a browser window, as you will not be able to save your changes.

Please download a new set of forms each time you submit materials to CMAC, as forms may have been revised since any previous submission

Curriculum Submission Forms

Sponsor Form CMAC Form F-1

NOTE: Materials that include digital/online components (including online textbooks) must also be reviewed by Technology for compatibility and compliance with student privacy laws (COPPA/FERPA). Sponsors are required to initiate this process by completing the form at

Reviewer Form - Teacher CMAC Form F-2
Reviewer Form - Principal CMAC Form F-3
Reviewer Form - CMAC Committee Member CMAC Form F-4 (For use by CMAC committee members only)

Assessment Submission Forms

Sponsor Form: CMAC Form F-A1
Reviewer Form - Teacher CMAC Form F-A2
Reviewer Form - Principal CMAC Form F-A3
Reviewer Form - CMAC Committee Member CMAC Form F-A4 (For use by CMAC committee members only)

Parent/Guardian Request for Reconsideration

A parent/guardian wishing to request reconsideration of the use of specific instructional materials in the Northshore School District must complete the CMAC Form 2020F-5 Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials.The requestor will deliver the completed reconsideration request form to the school principal, who will forward the form to the Chair of CMAC. For a complete description of the reconsideration process, please read the Challenged Materials Process Overview document.