Equivalency Credit Options

Student achievement is best served when students receive content aligned to clear, consistent and rigorous standards; have curriculum that is relevant to them; and form supportive relationships with caring adults. Quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs provide the rigor, relevance and relationships students need to achieve. OSPI and the Northshore School District recognize the need to create clear and articulated crosswalks between traditional academic courses and CTE courses. NSD provides all students with diverse opportunities to meet graduation requirements and prepare for college and career life.

The following list of courses are approved high school equivalency courses that may be used to meet graduation requirements.  While these equivalencies meet district graduation requirements, they may not satisfy college admissions requirements in all cases. Students are advised to check with individual colleges for clarification regarding the use of particular equivalency courses. It is also important to note that while an equivalency course may satisfy more than one graduation requirement, no course can be worth more than the total amount of credit is has been assigned. 

If you have further questions regarding course equivalencies, please contact your school's counselor.


2018- 2019 Equivalency List



Code Course Name Equivalency Equivalency
TEC108 Engineering Design (PLTW IED) Algebra 1  
TER210 Robotics 3rd year math option  
BFI315 Finance Algebra 1/3 year math option  
TEC608 Animations Geometry  
SK064 Animation Tech Geometry  
SKO307 Video Game Design Geometry  
VCP515 Computer Programming C# 1 credit beyond Geometry Science
CHS515 CHS(UW 142) Computer Programming 1 credit beyond Geometry  Science

AP Computer Programming

1 credit beyond Geometry 

IBC300 IB Computer Programming  1 credit beyond Geometry Science



Code Course Name Equivalency Equivalency
VCU380 Culinary Arts and Food Science Lab Science  
VBP310 Baking and Pastries Lab Science  
VFS100 Food Science and Nutrition Lab Science  
SCB300 Biomedical Science Lab Science  
SKN313 Nursing Assistant/CAN Lab Science Health
IBS1117 IB Environmental Systems Lab Science  
IBS310 IB Design and Technology SL Lab Science  
IBS320 IB Design and Technology HL Lab Science  


Code Course Name Equivalency
SKN355 Auto Technology 2 English 11 or 12 (can use only 1).


Code Course Name Equivalency
IBF200 IB Film Arts
TEV230 Advanced Video Arts
TET230 Advanced TV Production Arts