Course & Registration

The Career and College Readiness program offers a wide variety of courses and programs for all students. Each Career and College Readiness course meets Career and Technical Education credit requirements. In addition, some courses may offer equivalency credit to meet other graduation requirements (English, Science, 3rd year math, World Language), meet College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR), and meet WA State and Northshore School District graduation requirements.

Many courses offer college credit through Pacific NW Dual Credit  and College In The High School programs which meet graduation requirements. For a full listing of these college level courses, go to the PNW Dual Credit website to learn more.

Students have the opportunity to access a variety of Career and College Readiness courses at varying levels. Below is a description of the types of programs offered:

Northshore School District Stand Alone: These course offerings vary at each school location and are available for only those students at that school. Many of these courses are taught at most if not all schools.

Northshore School District Satellite: These course offerings are available only at the location indicated within the Northshore School District and available to NSD students. Satellite programs are typically available to Juniors and Seniors only and students are encouraged to drive themselves as transportation is limited. 

Online Satellite Application Process:


Students who complete the Program Interest Form will receive a Satellite Application via email. Watch for the application in your NSD student email account. If any information is entered incorrectly, the process will be delayed.

STEP 2: Complete the SATELLITE APPLICATION. The Satellite Application will be sent to the students school email once they have completed the Program Interest Form. Once a student completes the student section of the application, the application will automatically be sent via email to their parent for approval. Following the parent e-signature, the application will automatically be sent via email to your schools Career and College Readiness Specialist for processing.

CCR Specialist Contacts:

Northshore School District WANIC: These course offerings are taught throughout the WANIC consortium consisting of Northshore, Lake Washington, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Issaquah, Riverview, and Snoqualmie Valley school districts and are available to all WANIC consortium students. WANIC course offerings are for Juniors and Seniors only and do require personal transportation.

Go directly to WANIC website: