Northshore School District Virtual College and Career Fair 2023

Northshore School District hosted the 2023 Virtual College & Career Fair on Thursday, February 8, 2023. This event provided Northshore families with valuable information to help plan and navigate post high school options. 

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How to Write the College Essay

The college essay can be a critical part of the college application. Strategies to respond to essay prompts will be reviewed as well as ways to avoid mistakes and how to choose a topic that is appropriate for the essay. Recommended for 10th and 11th grade students.

Finding the Right Fit
Strategies to discover colleges that match a student’s profile and interests will be discussed. Defining student priorities and interests is an important first step in finding colleges that “fit.”
How College Decisions Are Made

Learn how the college admissions process works and what students can do to improve their chances of being admitted.

College Admissions Representative Panel

Do you have questions about the college application process? College admissions counselors are responsible for evaluating college applications. Get answers to your college application questions from the experts.

How to Connect With Colleges

Unsure who to reach out to when you have a question about a specific university? Confused about the term “demonstrated interest”? This session will help students learn how to best navigate ways in which to connect with institutions, whether during a pandemic or not!

College Entrance Exams: SAT vs. ACT

Tips to successfully navigate the testing process. Learn how to choose the right test to support your student's strengths.

Going Out of State and WUE

What is the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), what schools participate and how does it work?

College Application Process for Public Universities in the State of Washington

Public universities in Washington offer a wide variety of programs. In this session you will learn about admissions practices in Washington.

Canadian Colleges: Application Process & Opportunities in Canada

Universities in Canada offer a wide variety of programs. In this session you will learn about the application process, trends in admissions practices, new program offerings.

Admission Process At Private Colleges & Universities

What you can expect from the private college admissions process.

Transfer, Tech, and Two-Year Programs

Starting your college career at a community or technical college can be a great plan. Our community and technical colleges offer strong programs, several 4-year degrees and preparation for transferring to four-year universities. Come learn from three of our local colleges.

College Success For Students With Learning Differences

This session is perfect for families with students on an IEP, 504, and/or students who have learning differences. Come learn about what academic supports are available to students and how to access them at the college level.