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Elementary School

We proudly serve elementary students from Kindergarten through fifth grade. In addition, there are some programs that serve children in preschool. The elementary program provides a strong academic focus and instruction that supports high levels of achievement for all learners.

The core curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). There is a commitment to serving the 'whole child' by developing students' foundational self-regulation and social skills that will serve them well throughout their school years and beyond.

Middle School

Many of our middle school disciplines have recently adopted standards-based, nationally recognized curricula.  Our students take a full schedule of classes that prepare them for each consecutive year of study and meeting state standards. performing and creative arts, languages, language arts, math, science, fitness, social studies, and career and technical education courses are available to meet their interests and district-required courses of study.

High School

Our high schools offer a wide array of courses that prepare students to meet district graduation requirements and career and college readiness standards. Programs and curricula at each high school provide students with learning opportunities and experiences that help prepare them for high school and beyond. Students have opportunities to engage in problem-based real world challenges, and to celebrate innovative, creative, critical thinking at the classroom, school and district levels.

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Elementary Education:

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