Family Symposium

The Northshore School District hosted a family symposium on Saturday, May 4, 2024 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. in the North Creek High School Commons. Thank you to the Northshore Schools Foundation for supporting this event, developed in direct response to family requests. Additional supporters included: Northshore Council PTSA, King County Libraries, Nourishing Networks, the Hindu Temple & Cultural Center, Khalsa Gurmat Center, Chinese Community, Bothell Police Department, and Northshore staff.

During the symposium, Superintendent Michael Tolley responded to the feedback that families, students, and staff provided during the fall Listen & Learn sessions and gathered additional input. After the Superintendent’s session, participants attended educational sessions on various topics (see bottom of this web page for details). This event was an opportunity to learn together, create connections, and enjoy food. Refreshments were provided by supporting organizations.

Parking was available in the back lot off of 188th St. SE. See the North Creek parking for events webpage for details.

General Session with Superintendent Tolley presentation slides

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Educational Sessions

Special Education

Join the NSD Special Education staff to learn about NSD Services, programs, IEPs and eligibility, forms, etc.  In addition, the Northshore Special Education PTA will be in attendance to provide information on family supports. - Special Education Department

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Choice Schools & Programs

Northshore is fortunate to have a strong portfolio of schools - including Choice Schools and Programs. Attend the session and learn about Innovation Lab High School, Secondary Academy for Success, Northshore Online Academy and Northshore Family Partnership. Enrollment is still available for these options for the 2024-25 school year. - Dr. Wellington & Team

Student Safety

Student safety while at school is our top priority. There is a lot that goes into safety planning and support. Attend this session and learn about the District’s proactive and responsive approaches to school safety- plans, measures, interventions, and communications. - NSD Safety and Security Team

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Community Resources

We are stronger together! Join this session and learn about community programs and resources. - Various Community Partners

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Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to transform education and learning. Join NSD staff to learn about our current approach to implementing AI and how students can use it effectively in the classroom. Discussion and opportunities to share known resources will be part of this session. - NSD Instructional Technology Team

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Career & Technical Education

Northshore offers a variety of Career and Technical Education Programs. Join CTE educator, Mr. Reiber to learn about program details and Pathways including Nursing, Automobile, Culinary, DECA, Computer Science, etc. - Mr. Reiber

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Student Mental Health: For Students By Students

Join author, speaker, and Inglemoor student Taanvi Atekapudi to learn about student mental health challenges, tips and strategies. The presentation will include a sneak peek of the new Nexus website which will launch on May 16 in support of NSD secondary students. - Ms. Taanvi Arekapudi

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Students and Social Media

Wondering how to support your children navigate the world of social media? Join us and explore the challenges associated with student use of social media and get tips on responsible use - NSD Instructional Technology Team

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Community Safety

Northshore partners with law enforcement and the community to bolster student safety while outside of school. Join us and learn about community approaches to safety including drug prevention and gang prevention and response. Hear from both Bothell Police Department and a parent leader and NSD educator. - Detective Polzin & Ms. Lundberg

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Family Engagement

Last summer, we launched the Family Engagement and Resource Center. Join Center staff to learn about available supports, resources, and programs including the Art Docent Program, Natural Leaders, and more. This is also an opportunity to share feedback on programming and trainings for 2024-25. - Family Engagement & Resource Center team

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