Family Engagement and Resource Center



Mission Statement

Our mission is to maximize the learning of our students by building strong partnerships with families and ensuring students have access to the resources and support they need to thrive academically, physically, socially, and emotionally.  


Each and every student, in particular students who face the most significant barriers to a great public education, are successful in school and have the opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams.


Background on the Family Engagement and Resource Center  

Northshore schools are very diverse. Our students speak more than 100 languages and represent different cultural backgrounds, life experiences, and income levels. Our diversity is one of our strengths, creating a vibrant and global Northshore community. 

Students coming from different backgrounds bring with them unique strengths, but they may also face barriers navigating public education and gaining access to the resources and support they need to thrive. 

We are deeply committed to the academic success of all students and believe that families are a child’s first and most important advocate and teacher. Northshore can’t ensure the success of all students without partnering authentically with families. 

In response, the Family Engagement and Resource Center staff support and advocate for our diverse families, especially immigrant families who are new to the U.S. education system, multilingual families learning English, and families that have faced and continue to face oppression in public schools. The Center provides families with various resources that are essential for the success of their children in school and beyond. 

The Family Engagement and Resource Center is located at the Northshore District Administrative Center where families are provided with resources and/or directed to the providers of various services by local non-profits, cities, counties, and the state agencies. 

The Center’s staff and the school-based family engagement specialists work closely with all Northshore schools to support their families in need.   



Services Provided - School Year 2023-24

Initial services that the Center will provide at the beginning of the 2023-24 academic years are listed below. These services will be expanded, and additional services will be added in phases.

  • Updated webpage of community resources, organized by topics - available to families 24/7

  • Support families transitioning to the U.S. education system

  • Support families in enrolling in free or reduced-price meal program

  • District enrollment support for multilingual learner families 

  • Refer families to  food, clothing, and other resource access via  community providers

  • Support families, schools, and District department staff in connecting with translation and interpretation services. 

  • Educate families about various programs and opportunities in the District

  • Share information about scholarships, educational pathways, and choice programs

  • Support parents in preparation for  parent-teacher conferences 

  • Share opportunities and enrollment support for District sports 

  • Provide information about high school courses and graduation requirements

  • FAFSA and WASFA application process

  • Connect families and students with programs or agencies to support college essays and applications and after-school tutoring 

Coming Soon: 

  • Parent and or family  education and networking opportunities 

  • A school-based referral process for identifying students/families needing Center support

  • Provide professional development for staff on best practices in family and community engagement

Appointment Formats

To meet the various needs of our families, Center staff will be offering different meeting formats: 

Drop In - School Locations

Beginning in September 2023, center staff will be available on specific school campuses on the Second and Fourth Wednesday of the month to be accessible to the families. The location, date, and times will be available on the website and in the main offices of all schools.

In-person and by appointment 

To make an appointment with staff at the Family Engagement and Resource Center and receive support, please send an email or call (425) 408-7814.

Virtual appointment 

Center staff will be available to meet the families via Zoom. Please send an email to or call to schedule an appointment and receive support.


Family Engagement and Resource Center Staff

Assistant Director 
Dr. Srinivas Khedam

Community Partnership and Volunteer Coordinator 
Marco Garcia

Family Engagement Specialist
Maria Cisneros

Family Engagement Specialist
Patricia Herrera-Chavarria

Family Engagement Specialist
Mayela Martinez

Family Engagement Specialist
Virginia Gonzalez

Family Engagement Specialist
Jazmin Loreto