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Kitchen crew smiling together in a photo booth

For the final day of National School Lunch Week, we’d like to highlight the outstanding staff who are at the heart of the Northshore School District lunch program!

lunch tray with chicken curry, salad, carrots, lima beams and orange slices

By choosing our chicken curry and brown rice with fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden bar, along with a carton of low fat milk, students create a balanced MyPlate-style meal.

ShakeOut logo in front of Mount Rainier as seen from Woodinville High School

The Great ShakeOut is the world’s largest earthquake drill. During this drill, schools practiced how to drop, cover, and hold on. Teaching our students and staff about earthquake safety helps ensure they know what to do to stay safe when the ground shakes.

Tikka Masala

We are excited about our vegan chana masala recipe, which was recently sampled at Leota Middle School for student feedback. The recipe will be offered next at Lockwood Elementary on Oct. 30, 2019.

Canyon Creek kitchen staff waving to the camera

The Northshore school lunch program serves about 8,500 meals across 31 primary and secondary school sites each day. This keeps our kitchens and cafeterias busy serving healthy, convenient, and economical meals to our students. 

Skyview_Canyon Creek interior metal framing

Progress continued at the Skyview and Canyon Creek expansion project throughout September.  At Canyon Creek, the gym addition exterior was enclosed so it is now weather tight. Interior work for this addition is ongoing. At Skyview, the new state-of-the-art kitchen opened, including the serving area to students on the first day of school. 




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