Community Newsletter:
Summer 2021

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Message from the Superintendent

Dear Northshore Community,

As we all take time to rest and reflect on a year like no other, I invite you to read this issue of Community and consider the people behind the numbers that highlight the past year of learning and instruction.

Consider the number of students who ran through the finish line after attending classes online and in person. Think of the number of technology devices provided by you, our amazing community, and distributed by our staff so the learning could continue. The number of meals served was astounding. I think about the number of children who were provided meals by our hardworking staff and volunteers.

Michelle Reid

Then there are our graduates and retirees who are moving on to their next stage in life. These are all important numbers that represent the past year of challenges, innovations, accomplishments and new beginnings.

But in Northshore, we are committed to seeing beyond just numbers. We are committed to seeing each and every student, and valuing their voices and experiences as they journey through their time in the Northshore School District.

There is another number that is possibly the most important of them all as it is vital to sustaining, growing, and building a safe and welcoming community – One - One Northshore. We have been through a once-in-a lifetime year together that brought loss, tension and even polarization. Yet, by communicating, listening, respectfully responding and adjusting, I believe we will come out of this as one stronger community.

I look forward to welcoming the 2021-22 school year and all that comes with working together as One Northshore.

Until then, be good to yourselves and to others.

Dr. Michelle Reid


2020-21 District Quick Stats

students icon

Students who participated in hybrid learning this spring

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Students who participated in distance learning this spring

utensils icon

Number of meals distributed to children ages 18 and younger

Laptop and iPad

Computing devices and hotspots provided to students


A Season to Celebrate

This spring was truly a season to celebrate! With the return of students to school buildings and multiple opportunities for students to be recognized for their resilience, determination and experience, memories were made that are impactful to the entire Northshore community.

Northshore Speaks

Twenty-two Northshore students shared their voice during the District’s annual Northshore Speaks event, held on April 29. Students ranged from kindergarten to high school and topics varied from climate change to social justice. The event is directly connected to the District’s commitment to provide multiple avenues for student voice.

This year, Emmy-nominated poet Christian Paige complemented the event by coaching students on their performance, along with performing an original piece of his own titled “When You Grow Up.” Northshore Family Partnership teacher Leslie Connor also coached students and was instrumental in the success of the event.

C.P. & Dorothy Johnson Humanitarian Award

On May 20, the Northshore School District recognized 72 Northshore students who exemplify humanitarianism through the District’s C.P. and Dorothy Johnson Humanitarian Award. The award was established in honor of two educators who dedicated their lives to improving the lives of all children in our community. Students were selected based on three criteria:

  • Community: Students who demonstrate the ability to promote and foster collaboration toward a common goal, fairness, freedom of expression, and effective communication within a group.
  • Acceptance: Students who promote the value and celebration of their peers’ strengths, abilities and identities.
  • Advocacy: Students who support the needs of and encourage equitable opportunities and resources for their peers.


Northshore Celebrates our 2021 Retirees

Together they have contributed 1,205 years of service!

Warm wishes and congratulations to our 49 staff retirees. Each one of these individuals is to be commended for their stellar professionalism and dedication to our Northshore school community. Together they have contributed 1,205 years of service. We thank and applaud you.

See the Full List


Congratulation to the Class of 2021

Thank you to the Senior Activities Committee and all of the staff districtwide who were instrumental in making these graduations a success!

Adults Transitioning to Independence

  • Graduates: 10
  • Students Continuing to Paid Jobs: 1

Adult Transition Pathways

  • Graduates: 7

Bothell High School

“Knowing how quickly our days and lives can change, let us remember to be kind to others, to choose the things that make us and those around us happiest and to live our best lives.” - Brooklyn Harrel

  • Graduates: 364
  • Total Scholarship Awards: $1,444,588
  • Valedictorians: Elena Baraznenok - University of Washington; Dylan Locknane - University of Washington; Brooklyn Harrell - University of San Diego; Alessandro Cirulli - University of San Diego
  • Salutatorian: Tohnny Huynh - University of Washington

Inglemoor High School

“I believe that together we can achieve a future where not only our community, but our nation will come to have its roots embedded with love and gratitude.” - Ali Mirzazadeh

  • Graduates: 395 Total
  • Scholarship Awards: $2,476,616
  • Valedictorians: Alexander Agate - University of Washington; Divya Akkiraju - Cornell University; Claire Brix - Rice University; Khalid Elhousieny - University of Washington, Bothell; Grace Gordon - Oregon State University; SeyedParham Hamzei - Bellevue College; Margaret He - Carnegie Mellon University; Ishika Kaushik - John Hopkins University; Sebastian Kolde - McGill University; Sofia Leotta - University of Washington; Eli Nelson - West Point; Gloria Shen - University of Washington; Grace Shen - Washington University - St. Louis; Kai Smith - University of Washington; Hannah Yoon - Williams College; David Zhou - Stanford University
  • Salutatorians: Caroline Pohl - University of California, Los Angeles; Lara Yao - University of Washington

North Creek High School

“To us that’s what defines the Class of 2021 - a group of people who are always happy to see each other, who have become stronger, more optimistic as we forge new beginnings together all the way up until our final year of high school.” - Sydney Simmons, On behalf of all North Creek valedictorians

  • Graduates: 463
  • Total Scholarship Awards: $2,455,241
  • Valedictorians: Basit Ali – University of Washington; Kaia Burgos - University of Washington; Justin Danh - University of Washington; Emmi Foltz - University of Washington; Grace Fujita - University of Washington; Ryan Gibson - University of Washington; Samantha Hanson - University of Washington; Katherine Ingersoll – Lewis & Clark College; Amal Jacob - University of Washington; Dylan Jensen – George Fox University; Chloe Koh - University of Washington; Hanna Koh – Rochester Institute of Technology; Rebekah Lindsay – Williams College; Pranav Manchikanti – University of Washington, Bothell; Bardia Nasrulai - University of Washington; Mariia Pecherytsia - University of Washington; Karuna Petwe - University of Washington; Revanth Pothukuchi – Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Annalin Schell – Emerson College; Akash Selvakumar – Princeton University; Sydney Simmons – George Fox University; Sarah Thomas - University of Washington; Kush Vakharia – Georgia Institute of Technology; Kelton Watts – Grinnell College
  • Salutatorian: Sing Wui Sebastian Lam – University of Washington

Northshore Networks

  • Graduates: 36
  • Total Scholarship Awards: $249,000
  • Student Speakers: Emerson Pendleton and Yana Sologub

“It’s your turn to choose and define what success means to you. Now others will try to define it for you, but yours is the only voice that matters.” - Yana Sologub

Secondary Academy for Success

  • Graduates: 47
  • Total Scholarship Awards: $40,000
  • Student Speakers: Alex Sheldon, Seyla Lugo and Grace Davis

“Coming to SAS was the best thing that happened to me and I wouldn’t change it for any other high school experience.” - Seyla Lugo

Woodinville High School

“The advice I would give is to be appreciative -- appreciative of our high school journeys, of the relationships we’ve each built, what we’ve been able to do and the opportunities that we still have coming.” - Sidney Mays

  • Graduates: 413
  • Total Scholarship Awards: $3,999,911
  • Valedictorians: Scott Elliott Carp - The University of Arizona; Madison Leslie Chan - University of California, Los Angeles; Maja Kristina De Bonte - Colorado College; Alexia Emma Fulkerson - The University of Arizona; Airelyn Shoshana Guadagno - New York University; Kai Matthew Hulsebus - University of Southern California; Camden M. Kaminsky; Cadence Anderson Kirby - University of Washington; Anna Marlene Lokken - University of Southern California School of Dramatic Arts; Tavish John McArthur - University of Washington; Guillermo Andres Melendez Carlson - University of Washington; Hannah Elizabeth Mismas - Colorado State University - Fort Collins; Anabel Ghito Duran Moore - Yale University; Claire Olivia Prentice - Colorado College; Skyler Schmitter - McGill University; Benjamin George Sehmel - University of Utah; Vivien Sorosy - California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo; Isaac Andrew Subcleff - California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo; Yeeshouw Wang - University of Washington; Aria Zuo-Li Yang - Tufts University; Tina Fong Zhang - University of Pennsylvania
  • Salutatorian: Alli Jayne Schumacher - University of Washington