Reunification Process


In the event of an emergency, do not rush to the school to pick up your child. This will only create additional traffic that may impede needed emergency vehicles and your presence at the site could delay the evacuation process. Children and parents will be reunited in a safe, orderly and timely manner.

School will not automatically be canceled in a crisis or emergency situation. School may well be the safest place for students. Officials will ensure that students are safe inside until such time that the threat has been reduced or eliminated.

Should public safety officials call for the evacuation of a school, students and staff members may be safely transported by bus to a designated alternate shelter location. Students may be held at this alternate shelter site for various reasons until release is approved by public safety or health officials, depending on the circumstances of the event.

Students will only be released to those individuals authorized on the school emergency card. Proper identification must be presented in order for students to be released. 

Método de reunificación de padres - Folleto
Méthode de regroupement des parents - Document
tariqat lami shamil alwalidayn - wathiqatan

Please take this opportunity to update the emergency contacts in ParentVue and consider including trusted neighbors or others that can respond to reunification sites in case your response is delayed by other emergencies happening in our region.


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Standard Reunification - Parent Guide