Racial and Educational Justice Committee

Northshore is committed to creating a safe, caring, and mutually respectful environment within our school district community so that all students, families and staff feel welcomed, valued and supported. We recognize and advocate for the racial, ethnic, cultural, disability/ability, gender, sexual orientation, economic and religious diversity in our district. Therefore, we have a  responsibility to commit time, energy and resources to develop an equitable and inclusive environment for all students, parents, and staff.  

The Racial and Educational Justice Committee will focus on the following:

  • Promotion of inclusion and equity for all members within our Northshore community 
  • Review and analysis of student performance, program participation, and behavior data in order to form policy and procedure recommendations
  • Alignment with the Strategic Plan
  • Support in identifying, reviewing, and implementing curricula, initiatives, and efforts that best support students, staff, parents, and community members 

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Racial and Educational Justice