Equity & Diversity Committee

Northshore is committed to creating a safe, caring and mutually respectful environment within our school district community so that all students, families and staff feel welcomed, valued and supported. We recognize that the diversity represented across our communities and throughout our schools has steadily changed and that even greater racial, ethnic, cultural, cultural, religious, economic diversity is projected in the years to come. 

The district accepts its responsibility for moving forward on this journey and to committing time, energy and resources to develop a more inclusive, welcoming environment for all students, parents and staff.  To this end, the district is creating a new diversity and equity committee that will act as an advisory to the School Board to support, provide guidance and information regarding equity, diversity and inclusion in our schools, programs and district.

Guiding Principle

The district believes in creating safe, caring, mutually respectful environments where all students are honored and valued for their diverse cultural backgrounds, unique strengths and diverse abilities.

Role of the Committee

The Northshore School District’s Equity and Diversity Committee will meet throughout the academic year and act as an advisory committee to the Northshore School Board by providing support, guidance and information about issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion in our schools and programs.

 Equity and Diversity Committee will focus on the following:

  • Promotion of inclusion and equity for all within our schools by examining issues of institutional equity and advising district staff on responses to incidents of bias and harassment 
  • Review and analysis of student performance, program participation and behavior data in order to form policy and/or procedural recommendations
  • Development and oversight of implementation of the district’s Equity Strategic Plan
  • Support in identifying, reviewing and implementing curricula, initiatives and efforts that best support students
  • Support of Human Resources’ efforts and focus on hiring a more diverse workforce
  • Review and recommendation of new and/or revised language to board policies to guide and support focus on equity/diversity throughout the district.

Committee Membership

As an advisory committee to the Northshore School Board, the board is interested in appointing a diverse committee that includes people from varied backgrounds, perspectives and experiences who:

  • Bring knowledge, experience and relationships that reflect the diversity of the Northshore community
  • Have a strong interest in educational equity issues
  • Can engage in the process of institutional change related to equity and inclusion
  • Have experiences across multiple dimensions of diversity
  • Are willing to serve a two-year term and attend at least 80 percent of the time

Composition of Membership

  • 2 community members
  • 3 parents
  • 4 administrators
  • 4 NSEA members
  • 1 NEOPA member
  • 2 students

2018-19 Equity and Diversity Subcommitte List

2018-19 Equity and Diversity Committee Subcommittee List 

Subcommittee  Members
Family Engagement

Elizabeth Meza – staff - R
Tiffany Rodriguez – admin - R
Kesha Rodgers – parent – R
Corina Pfeil – parent, CM – R
Mo Joof – parent – N
Rick Ferrell – admin – N

Hiring and Retention

Melissa Riley – admin – R
Deanna Roland – parent – N
Kimberly Rodriguez – staff – N
Kim Arthur – parent – N

Measuring Progress

Joseph Robertson – admin – R
Ronit Gourarie – staff – R
Han Yan – parent – N
Gina Guajardo – parent, CM – N
Heather Bresnahan – parent – N
Prasham Ajmera – parent – N

Professional Development

Erica Hill – admin – R
Oesa Hauch – parent, CM – R
Julia Wales – parent, CM – R
Gloriann Harrigan – parent – N
Tamorah Redshaw – admin – N
Jennifer Celms – staff, parent, CM – N
Pamela Wilson – CM - N


Amy Bearmon – parent – R
Daniel Johnson – parent, CM – N
Nathan Zubin – student – N
Sehaj Dhaliwal – student – N
Anna Grace Day – student – N

Student Agency

Shelby Reynolds – admin – R
Heather Warmestead – staff – R
Bob O’Neil – staff – N
Suyim Chae – student – N
Erin Miller – student – N
Pernille Petersen – student – N
Nathan Mitchell – student – N
JoAnn Ollila – parent – N 


R = Returning Member
N = New Member 

Contact Us
Chris Bigelow, Ed.D.
Director of Equity and Diversity


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