Renewal Technology Levy

students raising their hand in a class, while using personal laptops at their desk

The Technology Levy ensures all students have access to technology in order to prepare for careers of tomorrow.

The technology levy has helped support Strategic Plan goals of:

  • Success in the early years
  • Responsible, resilient, empathetic learners
  • Innovative, creative, critical thinkers
  • Ready for lifelong success after graduation
  • Growth for every student, elimination of outcome and opportunity gaps
  • Ready for lifelong success after graduation


Thanks to voters approving the 2018 Technology Levy, the following has been funded to support students and staff.


Devices & Other Technology Hardware

  • Expansion and update of student computing devices in the classroom and for home-use by students
  • Ruby Bridges: A variety of technology tools associated with the opening of a new elementary school, including classroom audio, classroom presentation systems, and student computers
  • Innovation Lab High School: A variety of technology tools associated with the opening of a new high school, including student computers
  • Upgrade for the physical time clocks used by support staff
  • Support for classroom pilots of camera systems that would better allow teachers and students in classrooms to connect with students who are learning remotely
  • Modernization of aging printers at buildings
  • Upgrade for the point-of-sale system used by Food & Nutrition Services, as well as modernization of the associated hardware used for the system 
  • Planned: Funding to purchase both the expansion and refresh of staff computing devices


Professional Development & Staffing

  • Staff professional development related to new classroom technologies, particularly those related to the shift to distance learning
  • Central office staffing associated with supporting technology projects



  • Annual maintenance fees associated with online applications, subscriptions, and software licenses
  • Implementation, licensing, maintenance, and training of the District’s learning management system Schoology, as well as Clever, Zoom and other tools for distance learning
  • Sustaining the District’s prior investment in instructional presentation systems for the classroom, including audio and presentation tools
  • Modernization of the time clock software system, including migration of the service to the Cloud
  • Upgrade for the District’s library system and migration of the service to the Cloud
  • Modernization of the system used by the District that tracks physical assets, such as computers, document cameras, printers and display panels, as wells as work orders associated with those assets
  • Planned: Standardization and expansion of the assistive technologies and adaptive tools used by students to assist with their individual learning needs, particularly those with special needs


As we look to the February 2022 election, the District is working in partnership with families, staff, students and community members to develop the next ballot measures, which will reflect the current and future needs of the District. Learn more by visiting the Technology Advisory Committee webpage.


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