Elementary #21 Celebrates Major Milestone with Topping Out Ceremony

Elementary #21 marked a major milestone on March 5, with the placement of the last beam of the steel structure.
“You look at this beam and it probably looks just like any other beam on any other building you put up, but it’s actually a pretty special beam. If you think across the world what families really want most is to make life better for their kids and that’s what schools do – and in order for schools to do that we actually have to build the school,” said Chief Operating Officer Joe Paperman, Ph.D. “This is an important part of contributing to our community, making the world a better place for all of our families and our community.”
The steel erection crew, construction team, designers, and District leadership were in attendance to sign the beam for posterity. The beam was adorned with a small evergreen tree and an American flag on opposite ends of the beam. This custom, reminiscent of old-fashion, barn-raising celebrations, honors the accomplishments of the construction crew.
“It’s always really nice to take a pause during times like this and really acknowledge the work that takes to get this point,” said Cornerstone Senior Project Manager and Vice President Sam Comer. “What you don’t see is the years of planning and hard work from dozens and dozens of individuals to get to this point and get to this milestone for this facility and we’re really proud to see that.”
Paperman also extended his gratitude to those who contributed to the project.
“I would like to thank our community and our voters who approved the financing, the bond that allowed us to build this school and allowed us to put this beam in place,” he said. “Thanks to our community, thanks to our families and thanks to the voters.”
In the coming weeks and months construction crews will make progress on rough-in for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Before the walls are completely enclosed, students who will attend Elementary #21 in Fall 2020 will have an opportunity to contribute to celebrating the building too through a time capsule-like project. 

Building Elementary #21 is in response to the continued growth in the north end of the District. The school will serve 500 students and a middle school is also planned for the site. Stay tuned for more information and continue to follow the school’s progress by visiting our construction page.


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